Allie & Natalie’s First Day of School (Part 2)

(Part 1) Peter helps get Natalie out of trouble, but that doesn’t mean she’s off the hook for her misbehavior on the first day of school.  And even though Allie’s already been spanked, it seems she hasn’t learned her lesson! by Lenore and Breanna ———– An excruciating silence filled Peter’s car as he drove Natalie … More Allie & Natalie’s First Day of School (Part 2)

Picture Yourself Here

Based off of this photo: Jessica gets an attitude with her mom while out to lunch.  Don’t worry… her mom didn’t hesitate in spanking her right there in the restaurant.  And then another one in the bathroom.  Oh, and another one at home, by Jessica’s “older brother figure.” ———- “Mom, I don’t want to go!” … More Picture Yourself Here