Allie & Natalie’s Dude Ranch Mystery (Part 2)

Natalie was spanked for letting out the horses, but still claims that she didn’t do it!  Maybe she and Allie can find evidence to prove it? by Lenore and Breanna ———– “I didn’t think you’d make it!” Steve said when Natalie appeared at the top of the hill later that night, having snuck out of … More Allie & Natalie’s Dude Ranch Mystery (Part 2)

by Cat — Sabotage

Tash almost gets kicked out of the council, but her older brother stands up for her.  That doesn’t mean she won’t get punished at home… ———– “And the Sassos eventually ended up destroying Earth, because humans would not give in to their demands…” Tash rolled her eyes, not listening to the droning of her teacher. … More by Cat — Sabotage

by sethor — The Grass is Greener Over Here Huh?

[Author’s Disclaimer : This is a work of fiction. The author does not in any way endorse the spanking of real children in real life.] Twins Sam and Sarah compare the spankings they receive from their parents.  Neither of them know what they’re in for…  ———– In a normal kitchen, two young people sat at … More by sethor — The Grass is Greener Over Here Huh?

Exposing the Liar

16 year old Madison doesn’t mind living with her older brother, but they have totally different perspectives when it comes to whether or not rules should be followed.  It just so happens that Madi’s favorite recreational activities involve quite a bit of law-breaking.  Hopefully she won’t dig herself into too big of a hole! ———– The … More Exposing the Liar