Lenore bribes Breanna to do something they shouldn’t, and they both end up over their father’s knee! Things had started getting hot and heavy with Breanna and Chris.  They had rounded third base and were heading for a home run when Lenore pushed her sister’s door open and let out a shriek.  Bre also screamed, … More Blackmailed

Danielle: Getting Burned

This was a random story I wrote based on the following writing prompt:  “Are there adults around?  Tell a story (based on truth or fiction) where someone is playing with fire–literally or metaphorically–and probably shouldn’t be.”  Danielle is hanging out with the wrong crowd and ends up getting burned… well her bottom anyway. ——— I … More Danielle: Getting Burned

Punching Douchebags

Breanna and Lenore run into some problems at the park, and it gets a little out of hand.  Knowing she’s in trouble, Breanna follows her fathers instructions, but Lenore decides to act like a brat until she pushes him farther than she had planned. ———– Lenore ate an ice cream cone happily. Her older sister … More Punching Douchebags


Part of the Stabler Girls series.  Breanna meets Lenore’s friend, Jerry, who ends up causing them more trouble than he’s probably worth.  But Lenore loves him like crazy, and it’s really all Great Aunt Mildred’s fault! Jerry by Lenore and Breanna It was spring break, and Lenore and Breanna’s Great-Aunt Mildred (not to be confused … More Jerry

Garage Mishaps

Part of the Stabler Girls series.  Lenore’s boredom is driving her crazy… and right through the garage… literally!   Garage Mishaps by Breanna and Lenore Lenore was in the living room watching cartoons one Saturday afternoon. She’d been outside for a while, and had come in for lunch and a cartoon break. Bre was at … More Garage Mishaps

Guitar Sisters

Lenore super wants to play Bre’s Guitar Hero game… but Bre’s growing up and doesn’t have too much time for her baby sister anymore.  So Lenore decides to sneak in and play it anyway, without permission of course. ———– Breanna beamed at her birthday present — Guitar Hero for her Playstation 3, equipped with two … More Guitar Sisters