by psychogurl — Jumping To Conclusions Can Be Painful

Judy is angry with her boyfriend so decides to do the things that will most upset him — dress suggestively and smoke weed.  When he finds out, and she turns bratty, he knows just how to deal with her.  ———– I stared in the mirror at myself knowing that I would make Brian jealous. Brian … More by psychogurl — Jumping To Conclusions Can Be Painful

Starting Over 2

Chloe is determined to find out more about this psychologist woman whom she feels convinced Izaak to start spanking her.  The discovered gossip was well worth her efforts! Author’s Note:  A special thanks to my readers for sticking through all these years and still checking back for more.  This one is for you — get … More Starting Over 2

Senior Skip Day

This story involves drug usage, so if you’re not cool with that, you probably shouldn’t read. Alex, with her cute puppy face and ease with telling stories, is lucky enough to get away with almost everything.  On senior skip day, however, she finds out that she won’t always be so lucky. ———– It was 8:20am … More Senior Skip Day

My New Little Sister

This one goes out to my friend Sadie.  Rachel and Sadie aren’t really that close, but a car ride changes all of that.  Sadie’s 16 and without a permit and manages to twist her older brother’s girlfriend (Rachel) to let her drive home.   ———- I wasn’t that close to my boyfriend’s little sister at first. … More My New Little Sister

The Circus

Fiona will do anything to go to the circus.  And she has quiet an adventure on the way there, but it lands her across the lap of her Brazilian “brother.” ——— The only thing I ever wanted was to go to the circus. Of course, my family made that nearly impossible, always busy with their … More The Circus

Too Drunk

Melissa and Emmy are college students who can’t help but party it up while they’re studying abroad in Mexico.  After a few drinks, both girls are intoxicated beyond belief and Melissa ends up telling her cute waiter friend that she, um, kinda likes spanking.  Imagine how she felt the next day when she didn’t even … More Too Drunk