Allie & Natalie’s Weekend at Neal’s

After visiting their mom in prison, the girls spend the weekend with their father.  There’s a lot of emotions happening, which means that they definitely won’t be able to keep themselves out of trouble.  Good luck, Neal! by Lenore and Breanna ———– Natalie’s forehead stuck to the frigid window in the backseat of Peter’s car … More Allie & Natalie’s Weekend at Neal’s

by Cat — Sabotage

Tash almost gets kicked out of the council, but her older brother stands up for her.  That doesn’t mean she won’t get punished at home… ———– “And the Sassos eventually ended up destroying Earth, because humans would not give in to their demands…” Tash rolled her eyes, not listening to the droning of her teacher. … More by Cat — Sabotage

by psychogurl — Jumping To Conclusions Can Be Painful

Judy is angry with her boyfriend so decides to do the things that will most upset him — dress suggestively and smoke weed.  When he finds out, and she turns bratty, he knows just how to deal with her.  ———– I stared in the mirror at myself knowing that I would make Brian jealous. Brian … More by psychogurl — Jumping To Conclusions Can Be Painful